we do stuff – you’re not smart

internette gezinirken şöyle ilginç birşeyle karşılaştım. ilk bir kaç satırda bünyede şaşkınlık yarattıktan sonra epey güldürdü beni. ebusiness marketing üzerine ince bir hiciv. gayet başarılı. bilhassa sol kanattaki linkler arasında yer alan strategies bir şahane:

” Our main consulting strategy is to convince clients that we do stuff they can’t do themselves, and that we deserve lots of money for it. The best way to do this is to always look good, and always sound like we know something you don’t. Because we do. Are you confused yet? Of course you are. And that’s just how we like it. Our marketing professionals are constantly coming up with new ways to make you feel inferior and stupid. Because you are. And we’re not. We’re new-age, eMoving, marketing consultants.
If you’re still not convinced, we’ll show you lots of marketing research and consulting cost analysis and global design positioning strategy reports to confuse you and hopefully convince you that we’re so knowledgeable you couldn’t possibly succeed without us. Because you can’t. So don’t even try.”

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