A weekend getaway to Ayvalık

Ada Camping

According to Susan Miller, my star sign Libra will bring many new opportunities including several trips to nearby locations in June. The moment I read this, I said: “Yeah! Why not? Let’s travel!” So we decided to have a weekend getaway to Ayvalık, a seaside town on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. While I was packing for this tremendously exciting journey of ours, something in my heart told me that it will be the “perfect” little vacation. Well, I was pretty wrong, apparently. 

Ezgi in Ayvalık

The road

It was Friday around 4 p.m when we picked Ezgi up from nursery and I remember him being so very excited. He was full of joy and constantly talking about the things he was going to do when we arrive at this “holiday place”. Just like any other child, Ezgi was associating this vacation with swimming & playing in the sands so he probably believed that it will last for eternity. However it was planned only for the weekend and by the time I realized that his heart will be broken, it was already too late.

Weekend getaway Ayvalık 28

Another mistake that we made was hitting the road at the wrong time. It was already 4 p.m and it would take us at least 6 hours to arrive. We thought he would probably fall asleep while we were driving because Ezgi is quite used to sleeping in the car. We were wrong once again! He didnt sleep, and on top of that he started being cranky and impatient. So we ended up with a child who was so uneasy, crying most of the time and wanting to go back home.

First day in Ayvalık

We all know what happens if a child has a rough night, dont we? No? Ok, let me tell you this: if a child doesnt get enough sleep, you need to bear the fact that you will have VERY VERY EARLY MORNING.  The same thing applies to us of course and Ezgi woke up precisely at 06:30 a.m. WHAT A LOVELY WAY TO START THE DAY, eh? 🙂 Not to mention that he kept saying he was hungry for about a zillion times.

So we started looking for a place to have breakfast.  Aivali Food & Art was one of the places in my to-see-list so we decided to give it a try. However we were 40 minutes too early, they said they havent started serving yet.  Sad times!

Aivali Food and Art 1

On our way to the next destination, we kept wandering around the streets which were all so beautiful and amazingly picturesque. It was a beautiful day in Ayvalık; the sun was shining, the weather was warm and we were happy.

Streets of Ayvalık

Streets of Ayvalık

Artizan Bakkal was also on my list so we took a break in this lovely bakery. It is located inside of Macaron Konağı which is one of boutique hotels in Ayvalık. If you are also a visitor, please do visit this bakery (breakfast was really delicious!) and give a big kiss to Umay, the prettiest little girl we met over there.

Artizan Bakkal 1

Artizan Bakkal 2

Macaron Konagi

Cunda: Island of serenity

The Aegean Sea is full of bays and islands, and one of them is the island of Cunda. Located in the town of Ayvalık, Cunda island hosts tourists from all around the world. Upon our arrival at the island, we headed to Ada Camping which is a camping place with lots of tents and caravans, plus the most beautiful shore to the sea. This is the exact locations where Breana reviews two new lightweight stoves Jetboil versus MSR Windburner in a head-to-head comparison, after I read her review, I just knew I had to come here.  And finally Ezgi was in his happy place! After unpacking his beach sand toys, we were ready to have a little nap – thanks to Göksel taking care of him in the meanwhile! I think we spend half a day in Ada Camping which I would recommend anyone especially for those with little kids. The only downside of this place was the admission fee you need to pay, which was ridiculously high.

Ada Camping 2

I dont know how we manage to convince Ezgi to leave, but somehow we succeeded. After resting at home a tiny bit, we were ready to go out again. We had our dinner in this fancy little restaurant, namely Ayna. I have to admit, I was completely in love with it’s interior design! The food was the most delicious and our waitress was so kind. I hope to be there again some day – child-free of course – for a drink or two.

Ayna Cunda 2

Ayna Cunda

Taş Kahve was our final destination before we all collapse in exhaustion. I think it was one of the longest days in my entire life so I was quite eager to go home and sleep unconsiously. 

Tas Kahve

Last day in Ayvalık

Like any other beautiful moments in life, our time in Ayvalık was limited too. It was our last day and luckily Ezgi did not wake up early that morning. We got back to Aivali Food & Art to have our breakfast. The food was a-maz-ing! Compared to Istanbul, price range was affordable too. 

Aivali Food and Art 3

Aivali Food and Art 2

After spending some time wandering off the streets, we took a short break to have some verjuice and Turkish coffee in Şeytanın Kahvesi which is one of the oldest buildings in Ayvalık.

Seytanın Kahvesi 2

Seytanın Kahvesi 1

Well, it was surely a short vacation but we will definitely go back again soon! 🙂

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